Grande D has been on the market for over 35 years

Becoming in recent years one of the leading companies in the food packaging sector..

Grande D Pizza box Production and Food Packaging

We use the most innovative machines that enable us to satisfy any customer requirement, with our graphics studio we can quickly study the box that best suits its user, from 1 to 4 colors.
We operate on a roofed area of over 2500 sq. meters and close to 15000 sq. meters of open space for future expansions. In fact, the constant growth in sales volumes, and the need for new prefatory and material storage spaces have made it necessary to construct a new establishment.

Our motto is "Quality and Food Safety", in fact our company periodically runs sample inspections, checked by certified agencies regarding paper quality and its safety in food use, safeguarding consumers.

Grande D’s technology and advanced automation allows for both a highly competitive price and a superior quality in printing and production. Our warehouses are always stocked with over 60 formats of boxes for pizzas, pastries, and other food boxes.

Quality and specialization, united with strong experience and a state of the art framework, make Grande D one of the leading companies in the manufacturing of pizza boxes and one of the most important producers of packaging in the food industry:.

  • Pizza Box Production
  • Food Packaging
  • Design Food boxes
  • Shipping Service


Pizza box Production

We produce every kind of format


Food Packaging

We manufacture products on demand

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